Toward Social Mechanisms of Android Science
A CogSci-2005 Workshop

25-26 July 2005 in Stresa, Italy


- 25 July 2005 -


2-2.30 pm (Plenary Talk)
Android Science: Toward a New Cross-Disciplinary Framework, Hiroshi Ishiguro (Adaptive Machine Systems, Osaka University), 1-6

Implemented Social Mechanisms

2.40 – 3.10 pm
Robot Science Meets Social Science: Embodied Computational Model of Social Referencing, Andrea Lockerd Thomaz, Matt Berlin, and Cynthia Breazeal (MIT Media Lab), 7-17

3.10 pm – 3.40 pm
The Social Robot Architecture: A Framework for Explicit Social Interaction, Brian R. Duffy, Mauro Dragone, and Gregory. M. P. O’Hare (Department of Computer Science, University College Dublin), 18-28

Behavioral Studies of Interaction

4 – 4.30 pm
The Influence of Subjects' Personality Traits on Predicting Comfortable Human-Robot Approach Distances, Michael L. Walters, Kerstin Dautenhahn, Kheng Lee Koay, Christina Kaouri, Sarah Woods, Chrystopher Nehaniv, Rene te Boekhorst, David Lee, and Iain Werry (Adaptive Systems Research Group, University of Hertfordshire), 29-37

4.30 – 5 pm
Prosodic Adaptation in Human-Computer Interaction, Noriko Suzuki and Yasuhiro Katagiri (ATR Media Information Science Laboratories), 38-44

5 – 5.30 pm
Synthesizing Affect with an Analog Vocal Tract: Glottal Source, Michael C. Brady (Indiana University), 45-49

6 – 6.30 pm
Interpersonal Perception and Android Design, Billy Lee (Department of Psychology, University of Edinburgh), 50-55

Ethnographic Studies of Human-Robot Interaction

6.30 – 7.30 pm
An Interactive Robot in a Nursing Home: Preliminary Remarks, Will Taggart, Sherry Turkle (MIT Program in Science, Technology, and Society), and Cory D. Kidd (MIT Media Lab), 56-61

Relational Artifacts, Children, and Elders: The Complexities of CyberCompanions, Sherry Turkle (MIT Program in Science, Technology, and Society), 62-73

- 26 July 2005 -

Brain Processing during Interaction

9 – 9.30 am
Visual Attention, Facial Expression, and Brain Processing while Meeting a Virtual Other, Leonhard Schilbach, Kai Vogeley (Institute of Medicine, Research Center Juelich and Department of Psychiatry, University of Cologne), Jens R. Helmert, Sebastian Pannasch, Boris M. Velichkovsky (Applied Cognitive Research Unit, Dresden University of Technology), and Andreas Mojzisch (Institute of Psychology, University of Goettingen), 74-86

Embodiment and Social Learning

9.30 – 10 am
"Body-in-Motion" and Social Scaffolding: Implications for Human and Android Cognitive Development, Jessica Lindblom and Tom Ziemke (School of Humanities and Informatics, University of Skövde), 87-95

10 – 10.30 am
Moving Androids: On Cognitive Technology and Intersubjectivity, Morana Alac (Department of Cognitive Science, UCSD), invited talk only

The following paper is not scheduled for presentation:
Androids, Baboons and Babies: Epistemic Action and the Functions of Social Learning, Stephen J. Cowley, (Department of Psychology, University of Hertfordshire), 96-105

The Role of Appearance and Movement

11 – 11.30 am
Androids as an Experimental Apparatus, Karl F. MacDorman (Adaptive Machine Systems, Osaka University), 108-118 (Assessing Human Likeness by Eye Contact in an Android Testbed was presented at the main conference.)

11.30 am – 12 pm
Building Characters: Lessons Drawn from Virtual Environments, Vinoba Vinayagamoorthy, Anthony Steed, and Mel Slater (Department of Computer Science, University College London), 119-126

Philosophical Issues

2 – 2.30 pm
Fodor’s Version of the Frame Problem, Susan L. Schneider (Philosophy Department, Moravian College), invited talk only

Android Ethics

2.30 – 3 pm
Android Science and the Animal Right’s Movement: Are There Analogies, David J. Calverley (Center for Law, Science, and Technology, Arizona State University), 127-136

3 – 3.30 pm
"For the Sake of Others": The "Personal" Ethics of Human-Android Interaction, Christopher H. Ramey (Department of Psychology, Florida Southern College), 137-148

3.30 – 4 pm
Android Ethics: Bottom-up and Top-down Approaches for Modeling Human Moral Faculties, Wendell Wallach (WW Associates) and Colin Allen (Indiana University), 149-159



Stephen Cowley
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Karl MacDorman

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